Best burgers!  Thanks, Dennis.  Blazing Saddles XI 2012Katie and Elliott - Blazing Saddles XI 2012 Vanessa - Battle Ridge - Blazing Saddles XI 2012 Ham Operators - Blazing Saddles XI 2012


Old Clyde Park Rest Stop - State Farm - Blazing Saddles XI 2012









The Payden Memorial Foundation relies on volunteers for the Blazing Saddles fund-raising bike ride. Volunteers are needed to help before, during and after the ride. Our volunteer positions range from staffing rest stop tables, picnic set-up and take-down, SAG wagon teams, putting up pre-ride posters, shopping and more.

If you or your group would like to become part of this amazing foundation and Blazing Saddles by donating your time and energy, please contact Janette at 222-6700. Any amount of time and/or energy you can donate is appreciated.

Without our volunteers, we would not exist!

To volunteer for Blazing Saddles, please contact us.