Blazing Saddles On The Road

We have hosted our Blazing Saddles event for 15 years, raising thousands of dollars to help children in Montana fight cancer.  Our cause and these family’s needs have not gone away. 

However, with major road construction underway on our route and a much needed break for our volunteers, The Payden Memorial Foundation’s board had decided to take a hiatus from hosting the original event. 

Montana is a beautiful state with many miles of breathtaking scenery. 

Why not blaze your own route or trail, create your own personal goal, explored the state and still raise money for the kids fighting childhood cancer. 

Share your journey on our event page and encourage and inspire others to join “Blazing Saddles …. On the Road for kids with cancer” crusade and ride for life.

Please make a pledge to ride this summer for kids with cancer.


CLICK HERE to donate to The Payden Memorial Foundation.